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Sean-Feel less tired when get up

Justina-Fall alseep in 5 minutes and less wake up

Tiffany-Fall asleep quicker and pet friendly

Traci-Consistent increased amount of deep sleep

Voice of our Lovely Users

All the content featured here has been generously provided by our early supporters, and we are truly delighted to have them share their thoughts and experiences on our behalf.

I have said this earlier. I love my matt! I use it everyday! This is the best thing to come out of Kickstarter yet! This matt is so therapeutic is wonderful! Thank you for coming through! I highly recommend this product to anyone and everyone who wants relief and or wants to connect to their inner peace.Bravo Team!! P.S. I hope everyone get their matt. You deserve it!

Adriana (Superbacker)

I give credit where credit is due. I use it twice a day, it's fucken awesome. I highly recommend buying one if you're thinking about it.

Ben Rerekura (Superbacker)

Finally got it cleared from Thailand and have used it for a week now. I couldn't be happier backing this project. By a number, MindLax really helps to fall asleep faster as advertised. For me, it's 20-30% faster. However, as the current algorithm does, it stops operating after 30-40 minutes after the session resulting to unable to retain deep sleep during the night. It'd be nice to have this device periodically operates to maintain my sleep state. MindLax support is also one of the greatest team ever on KS. They are really willing to help me out of any kind of situation.


I absolutely love my mindlax. It's the coolest thing ever

Jared (Superbacker)

I got mine and I love it and I have got it working now I have to see how much it helps me and please everyone do not expect it to work like a sleeping pill !!! It needs to be used daily for two weeks or more to start to see real progress. I have another sleeping device which uses the same science but you don’t lye down on it. I think this team has done a wonderful job. Now it’s up to the time it takes to help.

Nigel Buckland (Superbacker)

I've received mine thank you! It's definitely relaxing!! I only tried it once so far and could tell it was making me sleepy (although I'm not sure I was able to fully fall asleep earlier, it's hard to tell). I'm hoping after trying it for a bit I will get there =)


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MindLax Magic: Transforming Your Sleep, Naturally

In the realm of sleep solutions, MindLax stands as a true enchantment.


MindLax isn't just clinically proven; it's backed by real-life success stories that truly hit home.

An astounding 85% of our users now drift into slumber a remarkable 30 minutes quicker on average than before. What's even more astonishing is that 71% of our users have reported enjoying an additional 51 minutes of restorative deep sleep.


MindLax is dedicated to a natural approach to sleep enhancement. Our product aligns seamlessly with the body's inherent biological rhythms, without medication.

It's a 100% natural process, empowering individuals to regain control of their sleep patterns and nurture their balanced bio clock.


MindLax embodies the essence of comfort in every aspect of its design. Crafted from ultra-soft materials that match the quality of renowned brands like Lululemon, it provides a soothing experience.

The best part? No wearable devices are required; simply lie down, and it seamlessly starts its magic. Designed with ergonomics in mind, it offers lumbar support and accommodates all sleep positions—whether it's lying on your back, side, or even stomach.

Chief Experience Officer Project

MindLax CXOs' Stories

Our commitment to transparency and genuineness ensures that the project sharings you'll encounter are as real as it gets. Trust in our pledge to deliver genuine insights, backed by the passion and dedication of our team.

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Hear from Our CXO #2-Traci on 2023.8.10

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Hear from Our CXO #1-Nigel on 2023.8.11

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