Get To Know MindLax Team

Team Introduction

At MindLax, the team members of different departments are experienced multi-disciplinarians innovating in the fields of materials, sensors, algorithms, music, and health management. The core R&D department focuses on the field of tactile and auditory interaction design and has served global companies such as GE, Siemens, Dolby, NOKIA, APPLE, etc. In today’s busy world, people generally have sleep problems because of life stress and the epidemic is making the situation worse. MindLax recognized these problems and decided to develop a new product that can more effectively help with sleep problems and give users relaxation both in the body and mind.

Dr. Yitong Liu, PhD

  • Founder of MindLax
  • Former VP of iCarbonX, Head of intelligent sensing technology
  • Former CTO of First Response

Dr. Imran Khawaja, MD FAASM

  • Chief Medical Officer of MindLax
  • Co-chair of the American Academy of Sleep Sciences Psychiatric Committee on Insomnia Disorders
  • Mayo Clinic Clinical Sleep PhD
  • Director/Professor, Department of Sleep, Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, USA

Our HQ Locations

At our headquarters, we take pride in our strategic choice of locations that reflect our commitment to innovation and global reach. With offices strategically situated in key business hubs around the world, our HQ locations serve as the nerve centers of our operations.