Relaxing Sleep with Sound Wave Massage

MindLax Sleeping Mat

2023 Most Innovative Sleeping Tech

Sleep Smarter

Immerse Yourself in a "3D Natural Environment"

Meditation Master

Recover in 15 minutes

Relax Faster

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Multi-frequency Waveguide System, Neuro TIM™️, Neuro Arc™️

MindLax Sleeping Mat is designed to help you fall asleep quickly and improve your overall sleep quality. Our innovative Multi-frequency Waveguide System, Neuro TIM™️, Neuro Arc™️ can soothe your body and mind so that you can achieve full relaxation and enjoy deeper, healthier sleep whenever you need it.

(Neuro TIM™️ and Neuro Arc™️:Digital Content Coding Algorithm)

4 Years From Drawing To Product

Using the most comfortable materials and minimalist design, MindLax has gone from idea to an essential sleep companion in 4 years.

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Inspired by Nobel Prize at Scripps Research



Supported By Professors Of Neurology And Neuropsychology

The frequency characteristics of this mattress use can improve people's sleep quality, with profound effects on the brain and body effects that increase the frequency of alpha waves in the brain, which is believed to be the most relaxing frequency of the brain, promote sleep, increase the depth of the brain blood flow in the thalamus.

Imran Khawaja

Fellow of the American Academy of
Sleep Medicine

Clinical Professor of Psychiatry
at the University of Oklahoma


I used to take one hour to fall asleep. After using MindLax, I fall asleep in 10 minutes.


I took melatonin for two years. Amazingly, after using MindLax for only two weeks, I was able to quit melatonin and now, I can fall asleep very quickly every day.


My ability to fall into deep sleep has increased as well as how long I sleep, and I wake up every morning full of energy.

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