Hear from Our CXO #2-Traci on 2023.8.10

Hear from Our CXO #2-Traci on 2023.8.10

Introduction: Meet Traci, a sleep warrior of 40 years, who has faced her fair share of restless nights. For decades, she tried everything under the moon to find solace in sleep, from pills to meditations, candles to aromatherapy. However, Traci's story took a remarkable turn when she discovered a promising new solution. In this blog, we'll walk through Traci's journey, highlighting the extraordinary benefits while gently exploring areas she hopes to see improved.

(Before using MindLax, Traci's sleep record was like this, the yellow parts needed improvements, data by Apple watch)

A Week of Wonders: The Highlights Within just a week of using our product, Traci witnessed a profound transformation. The very first night was a revelation as she slept soundly, a rare experience for someone who had spent four decades battling insomnia. Her journey had its ups and downs, with five nights of restlessness, but Traci discovered an unexpected pattern - she couldn't sleep on it all night. Instead, she started removing it from her bed after falling asleep, a routine she hadn't anticipated.

(Before using the MindLax, the deep sleep stage was the struggling part)

Enhanced Deep Sleep Traci's struggle had never been falling asleep; it was the challenge of staying asleep or returning to slumber if she woke during the night. This is where the magic happened. As she adapted to the mat, she found that she could return to sleep much faster, most of the time. The most significant difference? Her sleep tracking app on her Apple device recorded a remarkable increase in the amount of deep sleep she was getting, consistent and restorative.

(Starts using MindLax at beginning of August, all sleep record was green which is improving very much)

Seeking Guidance and Uncovering Features Traci's user experience followed her usual pattern - checking for helpful information within the app, and if not found there, turning to YouTube. She stumbled upon a video that provided the guidance she needed. Interestingly, she didn't initially consider the number of intensity levels, but it didn't hinder her experience.

A Part of Nightly Rituals Now, it's become a nightly ritual for Traci, a cherished part of her bedtime routine. Sometimes, even during an afternoon nap. Although she hasn't explored its potential for yoga or meditation yet, she recognizes it as an option. Traci describes it as effective, comforting, and an immersive part of her nightly routine.

Areas for Improvement: Traci's Gentle Suggestions Tracy's experience has been overwhelmingly positive, but she does have a couple of suggestions that could enhance her user experience even further:

  1. Intensity Control from Wearable Devices: Traci suggests the convenience of adjusting the intensity directly from her watch, eliminating the need to reach for her phone.

  2. Compact Travel-Friendly Version: As a frequent traveler who prefers to pack light with just a carry-on bag, Traci hopes for a more compact version suitable for her on-the-go lifestyle.

  3. Longer Cable for Controller: Traci envisions a longer cable so that the controller doesn't need to be right on the mat. This would provide more flexibility in its placement, such as on a nightstand.

Spreading the Word: A Share of the Goodness The very first night Traci experienced better sleep, she couldn't contain her excitement. She immediately shared her newfound discovery with a colleague who also struggled with sleep, sending her the website link via WhatsApp. Traci is an active social media user, frequently sharing her experiences on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. While she's eager to share more, she believes in offering recommendations from a place of experience and familiarity. Thus, she plans to use it for a full three weeks, possibly even three months, before confidently recommending it to others.

In Traci's journey, we witness the transformative power of a good night's sleep and the potential for further enhancement. Traci's story serves as a reminder that even the most extraordinary experiences can be improved upon, and we're grateful for her insights as we continue our journey towards providing the best possible sleep solutions. Stay tuned for more updates as Traci's remarkable journey unfolds.

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