Hear from Our CXO #1-Nigel on 2023.8.11

Hear from Our CXO #1-Nigel on 2023.8.11

In the ever-evolving world of Kickstarter campaigns and innovative products, there are few that stand out as true game-changers. Today, we have the privilege of sharing Nigel's personal journey—a super backer with extensive experience supporting over 300 campaigns. What makes our product unique is the heartfelt feedback we received from Nigel, who rates our campaign as the best among all the projects he's backed. Let's dive into Nigel's story and discover how our product has transformed his sleep quality.

Congratulations and 5-Star Service: Nigel's Heartfelt Appreciation

We began our conversation with Nigel by extending our heartfelt congratulations and gratitude. Nigel had this to say: "Yes, firstly, I would like to congratulate both of you on making a very good product, and your team's service is excellent. I give you 5 stars out of 5 for the support in the development of the product." It's not every day you receive such praise, and it means the world, especially coming from a dedicated Kickstarter supporter like Nigel.

The Quest for Quality Sleep

Nigel, like many of us, has faced sleep issues for years. He shared, "I've tried various products from Kickstarter and other sources, but they were virtually non-effective, with very little benefit. But your machine... I tried it the first day, and I fell asleep." This is the kind of transformation we strive for—to provide immediate relief and a restful night's sleep.

(Before using MindLax, sleeping score monitored by Oura Ring)

A Personalized Sleep Routine

Nigel gave us a glimpse into his daily routine with the device: "So I've used six levels of relaxation and seven levels of sleep mode." His approach is unique, using the relaxation mode in the morning to energize himself for the day ahead. At night, he switches to the first relaxation mode and then transitions into the sleep mode. The result? "I'm getting almost one and a half hours from your machine. And then I get a very good sleep."

(The night using MindLax, monitored by Oura Ring)

Easy App Control for Peace of Mind

When it comes to control, Nigel prefers the app: "I'm not so comfortable with trying to program by the mat. I'm worried I'm gonna break the product. So I am much more happy to use the app because the app, I don't have to do anything except turn the mat on and turn the mat off." His choice highlights our commitment to providing a user-friendly experience and peace of mind.

Long-Term Durability Matters

Nigel also expressed his concern about product longevity: "I've backed many super Kickstarter projects before, and sometimes the product is good in the beginning, but the build quality is not good. So when you use the buttons a lot after a few months, you can have a malfunction problem." He prefers the app to minimize button usage, safeguarding his investment. We understand the importance of durability and are dedicated to creating products that last.

In conclusion, Nigel's personal journey with our product exemplifies its transformative power. We are deeply honored to have played a role in improving his sleep quality. Nigel, like all our backers and supporters, is part of our incredible journey to make quality sleep accessible to all. Sweet dreams to you all!

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