Science Behind MindLax

Immersive Comfort, Dual Channel Harmony

Speakerless Sound & Serenity

In a noisy world, we've reimagined relaxation.

Our innovative MindLax sleeping mat creates soothing sounds and gentle vibrations without any speakers.

Drift into deep sleep faster and wake up empowered.

The Harmony

The soothing sound cradles your mind, easing you into quick, peaceful sleep.

The Cocoon

The harmonious blend of soothing sounds and gentle vibrations cocoon you in a serene 180-degree sleep zone, ideal for restful slumber.

The Vibe

The subtle, gentle vibration complements the soothing sounds, creating a comforting rhythm that eases you into a restful sleep.

MindLax sleeping mat harmony types

The Harmony

The meticulously programmed soothing sounds encompass a spectrum of distinct frequencies, including harmonious singing bowl tones, pink noise, and serene nature sounds.

These precisely selected frequencies exert an influence on brainwave activity, fostering the transition from alert and active beta brainwave patterns to the tranquil alpha brainwave state.

This sophisticated neural modulation expedites the user's progression into the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep stage, optimizing the onset of deep and restorative slumber.

MindLax sleeping mat unique vibration concept

The Vibe

Touch is the fundamental sense of bodily mechanical sensation, alongside vision, smell, taste, and hearing (hearing also involves mechanical sensation through sound wave vibrations). Together, these senses form our five senses.

In our system, a special material called MWS can allow mechanical waves to travel at speeds of up to 12,000 meters per second, effectively stimulating the vagus nerve (VNS) to regulate the autonomic nervous system and the hypothalamus-pituitary-adrenal (HAP) axis.

The harmonious synchronization of gentle vibrations with soothing sounds operates in tandem to effectively stimulate the Parasympathetic nervous system, thereby facilitating the induction of a sleep-promoting physiological state.

Clinical Validation

Clinical trials conducted with leading sleep specialists in the USA have provided undeniable proof - MindLax excels in clinical environments, delivering exceptional results for a revitalizing night's sleep.

Pre-Post Trials(PPTs)

When analyzing the PSG (Polysomnography) brainwave diagram before and during the utilization of the MindLax sleeping mat in the clinical setting, a discernible shift becomes apparent.

The brainwave patterns demonstrate a significant transition from higher-frequency beta waves to the more tranquil alpha waves, underscoring the mat's impact on sleep quality.

PSG Before Using

Using MindLax

MindLax PSG brainwave experiment

According to Dr. Imran Khawaja

"The frequency characteristics of this mattress can improve sleep quality for individuals, exerting profound effects on both the brain and body. It enhances the brain's alpha wave frequency, considered the most relaxing brain frequency, promoting sleep and increasing blood flow to deep brain regions such as the thalamus."

MindLax sleeping mat introduced by doctor

Dr. Imran Khawaja Explains