Mindlax Sleeping Mat Review

Mindlax Sleeping Mat Review

About Mindlax Sleeping Mat

The Mindlax Sleeping Mat is designed to help you more easily relax, fall asleep quicker, and sleep better in general. It does this through a few different systems built into the mat. Sounds like birdsongs, chirping insects, and rain are transformed into sound waves that massage at the same time. The sounds are not only heard but resonant to have an effect on the neuro system in the body. On top of the sounds of nature, various types of background noise and ambient music as in this soothing mixture of sound and vibration.

The Mindlax Sleeping Mat creates frequencies that help to improve your sleep quality which allows you to sleep deeper and awaken feeling refreshed.

The Mindlax Sleep Mat app has two options, Relax and Sleep. The Relax option is perfect for after a hard day at work when you just need to refresh yourself. Soothing sounds and vibrations take away the stress of the day and after about 20 minutes you are left feeling relaxed and rested.

The Sleep option helps you fall asleep faster and sleep deeper feeling energized when you wake up. As you use the Mindlax Sleeping Mat more you unlock deeper Relax and Sleep options. It also tracks how many hours you have used the sleeping mat. The App allows you to adjust the level of sound and vibration so it fits you perfectly.

The Mindlax Sleeping Mat is a powerful, customizable, and very effective tool providing an all-around better sleeping experience and will go live tomorrow, 2/21 at 11 am est. on Kickstarter.

The Mindlax Sleeping Mat Includes:

  • MindLax Sleeping Mat
  • Protective Case
  • MindLax Charger
  • Free MindLax App Access
  • User Manual
  • MindLax C to C Cable

Our Review

My job has me crawling around attics and in crawlspaces under houses and I am just exhausted sometimes when I come home so I took to using the mat when I get home to help me relax and re-energize. I put it on for 30 minutes and found that it really did wash away the stress from the day. It felt like I had taken a power nap when I was done.

I also used it when it was time for bed. It uses sounds from nature and ambient electronic music linked with vibrations associated with the sounds. I really enjoy the sounds and vibrations, especially on the Relax setting on the mat and again, I felt so relaxed and fell asleep quickly, and stayed asleep.

All in all, I usually think things like this are just gimmicky but, surprisingly, I have found this to be a very useful and effective sleep tool. I like using it and it really does help me feel better in the morning.

YOU CAN READ THE ORIGINAL PASSAGE HERE:  https://www.fsm-media.com/mindlax-sleeping-mat-review/

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