MindLax Announces Launch of MindLax Sleeping Mat, With Innovative Technology For Instant Relaxation and Better Sleep

MindLax Announces Launch of MindLax Sleeping Mat, With Innovative Technology For Instant Relaxation and Better Sleep

After years of dedicated research and development, the team of sleep experts and engineers at MindLax has announced an innovative method for sleep induction – MWS Technology. Based on results proven by a Nobel Prize-winning theory, MWS is an innovative method developed by the MindLax team based on the mechanosensory stimulation and sound vibration effect mechanism.

With the help of Mindlax’s revolutionary MWS (Multi-frequency waveguide system), people can relive what it was like to fall asleep easily and sleep as peacefully as a baby. With guided sleep assistance, MindLax provides instant full-body relaxation that helps users fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up feeling better. This new tool for better rest is available soon on Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mindlax/mindlax-sleeping-mat-relaxing-sleep-with-sound-wave-massage

The MindLax team took a real-world approach to development, noticing the phenomenon that people will fall asleep easily in a gently rocking bus. Inspired by this phenomenon, they applied Nobel Prize-winning theories from Scripps Research, and refined by other studies including Sleep Induction by Mechanosensory Stimulation in Drosophila (1), and Possible Mechanisms for the Effects of Sound Vibration on Human Health  (2), to create MindLax’s innovative MWS (Multi-frequency waveguide system). The system works by generating a vibration on an alloy material at multi-frequencies of 5-47,000 Hz, sending mechanical waves to the brain at 12000 m/s. About 150ms after the brain receives the mechanical waves, the user will hear the sound from the mat. This time interval causes Brainwave Entrainment, a condition in which the brain transitions from anxiety to relaxation. Surprisingly, there is no speaker inside MindLax Sleeping Mat; rather, it’s the vibration that causes the sound. The vibration caused by this system also helps the user to relax and sleep.

Combined with calming rhythms of white noise, pink noise, instruments, and electronic ambient music, MindLax provides a soothing soundtrack to help people relax deeply and encourage restful sleep. Powered by patented Neuro TIMTM and Neuro AccTM technology, every note of sound causes a slight, pleasant vibration of the mat for a cellular-level massage that gently guides users towards a peaceful sleep. The sound waves work on the thalamus and regulate the autonomic nervous system. In this way, the user’s parasympathetic nerves can be activated quickly, allowing them to immediately enter a state of deep relaxation and comfort.

The team members of MindLax are experienced multi-disciplinarians innovating in the fields of materials, sensors, algorithms, music, and health management. The team also focuses on the field of tactile and auditory interaction design and has served global companies such as GE, Siemens, Dolby, NOKIA, APPLE, etc. In today’s busy world, people generally have sleep problems because of life stress and the epidemic is making the situation worse. The MindLax team recognized these problems and decided to develop a new product that can more effectively help with sleep problems and give users relaxation both in body and mind.

Dr. Imran Khawaja, MD, Fellow of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Oklahoma, Partner of MindLax, agrees that:

“The frequency sent by this mattress can improve a person’s sleep quality, with profound effects on the brain and body.”

The system also includes a powerful App with various modes of sleep assistance, including Relax and Sleep. The App allows users to customize the vibration level for better rest and an improved sleeping experience.

MindLax Sleeping Mat is a revolutionary solution for full-body relaxation and better sleep. This powerful tool for sleep therapy helps anyone rest better and wake up refreshed. MindLax Sleeping Mat is available soon with deals and discounts for early adopters. Learn more here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/mindlax/mindlax-sleeping-mat-relaxing-sleep-with-sound-wave-massage

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