MindLax Strengthens Alpha Brain Waves

MindLax Strengthens Alpha Brain Waves
Neurofeedback is a method that assists subjects to control their brain waves consciously, usually working through non-invasive physical means, such as sound or tactile stimuli. The brainwaves can naturally synchronize to the rhythm of periodic external stimuli. This process is called brainwave entrainment. MindLax uses characteristic composite frequencies to effectively strengthen Alpha brain waves, which help achieve deep relaxation, relieve stress and lead people to quality sleep.
Much research has indicated that relaxing music induced more alpha waves in the participant’s brain and the change in alpha power was significant. Based on the same principle of binaural beats, MindLax generates characteristic composite frequencies on the special alloy materials. According to the deep understanding of the human sympathetic and parasympathetic nerve system, MindLax can have effects caused by frequency changes.
In addition, previous research has shown the existence of unrecognized responses to high-frequency sound beyond the audible range could increase in alpha-EEG potentials. MindLax can generate frequencies from 5Hz to tens of thousands of Hz. Therefore, what the ear hears is only 5-10% of the resonance of the human body.
In general, MindLax works through both tactile and auditory channels. The tactile interaction signals are generated through body conduction and then the auditory system also feeds back to the hypothalamus through air conduction. Both tactile signals and auditory signals jointly function to produce brain entrainment effect, thereby regulating the brain's working mode.

(resource: Sleep Foundation Organization)

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