Why Do We Need MindLax Sleeping Mat More Than Vibrating Products?

Ordinary Massage Products
Basic Principle
Biological Regulation
Double Channels
Physical Regulation
Simple Masssage
MindLax uses characteristic compound frequencies to effectively strengthen alpha brain waves through auditory and tactile dual channels. Then it could generate neuro-feedback, thereby regulating human body functions.
Mechanical stimulations on the surface of the human body accelerates the blood circulation of partial skin and muscles, so that physiological functions can be improved.
Human Body Affected
Nervous System
Composite variable frequencies, the vibration frequency can range from 5Hz to tens of Thousands of Hz.
Fixed single frequency, the vibration frequency is 100Hz on average.
Whole Body
Organ Parts
Deep relaxation, relieving stress, and leading people to quality sleep.
Reducing local tissue tension, relieving pain, promoting blood circulation.

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