Feeling Self-Developed Digital Beats And Sounds

Feeling Self-Developed Digital Beats And Sounds
Based on the frequency code of the material and the underlying logic of binaural beats, MindLax finds a special composite frequency based on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves of the human body.
This group of special conforming frequencies can act on the body's sense of touch through body conduction, and can also affect the body's hearing through air conduction. The dual pathways feedback to the hypothalamus to form an integrated signal to take effect.
Therefore, MindLax's self-developed digital content includes special algorithm composite frequency, harmonic instruments, white noise and pink noise, and electronic music melody.
We know in psychology research that the brain's discrimination of pitch occurs between 0.05 milliseconds and 50 milliseconds, mainly depending on the structure of Nell's basement membrane. The brain's discrimination of rhythm is a psychophysiological process that takes between 0.125 and 1.8 seconds to complete. Pitch and rhythm are intermittent, while sound intensity is sequential, and timbre is imaginary. People's perception of pitch and rhythm is better than their grasp of sound intensity and timbre (Mastnak, 2014).
It can be seen that the brain's ability to collect and process feedback on frequency signals is a direct physical response. Therefore, the special composite frequency of MindLax is a more rapid and direct effect, 90%~95% of which acts on the sense of touch, and 5%~10% acts on the sense of hearing.
From the perspective of the overall digital content, there is a 50ms aging phase difference between the two aspects of body conduction and air conduction due to the conduction characteristics of special materials. At the same time, the rich harmonics of MWS, body resonance, and air-conducted sound jointly produce a three-dimensional overall sound field, simulating the tactile and auditory feelings of mechanical waves in the real environment.
The effect of the special compound frequency directly acts on the body, reducing the excitement of the sympathetic nerves and activating the parasympathetic nervous system. In this state, the generation of alpha brain waves is stimulated in the brain, and the user enters a safe and relaxed state as a whole. This relaxed state is the best sleep preparation state, and it is easier to enter a natural rhythm sleep state.
At the tactile level, peripheral tactile receptor Pacinian corpuscles are extremely fatigued to a single frequency and appear insensitive to corresponding stimuli. So the choice of compound frequency makes the tactile receptors less prone to fatigue, maintains a sensitive state for a long time, and continuously transmits the stimulation signal of tactile feedback to the center to take effect.
Although the sound part only accounts for 5%~10% of the overall effect, since the perception of mechanical waves in the human body will be judged as sound by most people, we have not reduced consideration of the content design of this part.
The addition of pan-musical instruments takes into account the maximum preservation and restoration of information such as the phase and frequency of the sound during sampling, so that the binaural beat performance of the pan-music instruments can be maximized. The sound of singing bowls creates a frequency phase difference on the XY axis of the horizontal plane of the sound field, which stimulates the binaural beat efficiency of the brain and strengthens the effect of brain wave entrainment.
White noise and pink noise are currently recognized as effective sleep aids by a large number of experiments, and are widely used in the effective "sound makeup treatment" treatment for nervous system diseases such as distraction diseases, tinnitus, auditory hypersensitivity and ADHD. He uses soft voices to produce a shielding effect, weakening or shielding those uncontrollable, sudden, and disturbing sounds, so that people are not easily affected by these disturbing sounds. It's not just night shift workers who sleep during the day and work at night, using white noise to cut out any sounds that might disturb their sleep during the day. And the rumble near the railway at night, the barking of dogs, and even your spouse's snoring can all be weakened by the "masking" function of white noise. So as to create a 'safe sound' environment, which is more conducive to sleep.
In nature, there are many sounds that are very close to white noise and pink noise. For example, the sound of rain, the sound of waves, and the sound of the wind. Dr.Wang Lu traveled all over the famous mountains and rivers to collect rich environmental sounds from various places, the chirping of insects during autumn nights, and the creek beside the quiet village. The addition of these environmental sounds enriches the senses, and users can also choose the content of their favorite elements.
Self-produced electronic music melody, in line with the guiding theory of traditional music therapy, soothing frequency, rhythm guidance, and beautiful and soothing melody, increase the pleasure of use and reduce fatigue.

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